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The Fundamentals of Data Management

Data Mgt webcast

Almost every engineer and scientist must collect and analysis data. However, only a few of us manage our data in a way that makes searching and analysing data quick and simple.

Learn fundamentals and best practices to get the Most Out of Your Data with this 3-session live webinar, 4-6 April.

Join us for this interactive webcast to:

  • Understand what makes a complete data management solution and how you can benefit from unlocking the full potential of your data
  • Learn tips and tricks in LabVIEW for only collecting the data you need
  • Introduce new tools that can lead you from raw data to valuable insight quickly


session 1

Session 1: The Merits of Metadata

This session will discuss the fundamentals of data management and why it is vital to everybody that works with data. We will demo some simple, but effective, ways of improving data management by including metadata when acquiring data with LabVIEW.


session 3

Session 2: Considered Data Collection

Join us for a look at some key LabVIEW techniques to ensure you are only spending time on the data you care about. We will demonstrate how to set up triggers to collect specific data, different places you can analyse your data for maximum efficiency, and how to ensure your only saving the data that you need. 


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session 3

Session 3: Simplifying Data Searching and Analysis 

Our final session will present easier ways to search and analyse your saved data. We will demonstrate NI DataFinder technology and NI DIAdem so you can quickly locate your data and apply customised analysis routines to get information from your data faster than ever before.


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