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A Better Approach to Embedded System Design

Today's embedded applications are complex, and not just from a technical standpoint—one must balance budget, time to market and flexibility, with functionality and technical requirements in order to differentiate your applications in the marketplace.

There is a better way to design embedded systems that addresses the shortcomings of traditional design methodologies and gives you more time to spend on high-value tasks. In this on-demand seminar, learn about platform-based design with the LabVIEW reconfigurable I/O (RIO) architecture—an approach that improves your profitability and helps you satisfy the most advanced technical requirements.

View this 4-part Webinar series:

Part 1 :
Today’s Engineering
Challenges (8 minutes)

Part 2 :
High-Level Software
(6 minutes)

Part 3 :
Flexible Hardware
(11 minutes)

Part 4 :
Benefits of an Integrated
Platform (8 minutes)

Today’s Engineering Challenges High-Level Software Flexible Hardware Benefits of an Integrated Platform

What will you learn from this webinar series?

  • Benefits of reconfigurable off the shelf platform versus custom build or ready-to-use closed systems
  • Why graphical programming?
  • How RIO hardware can be used to implement fast controllers or high-speed data acquisition devices?
  • Connectivity options of RIO and benefits of an integrated platform for development

Who will benefit from watching the webinar series?

  • Developers of embedded systems who are looking for a single development environment
  • Smart Machine developers
  • Engineers who are looking for replacement of obsolete control systems
  • Engineering managers who want to increase their team performance

Calculate the Costs Between Build Versus Buy

This white paper and online calculator presents the hidden costs of embedded design; contacts can use the calculator to estimate actual costs based on their inputs.

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Evaluate the embedded Systems Design Platform

The LabVIEW RIO evaluation kit is an easy to use, low-cost way to evaluate NI’s embedded tools. The kit includes a 90-day extended evaluation of the LabVIEW FPGA and LabVIEW Real-Time modules.

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Configure Your Embedded System With an Online Advisor

Discover this online configuration tool to specify and price a modular embedded system.

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